Oamenii sunt cei mai amuzanti, mai ales in situatii limita!

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# 1 Când stapanul uita sa ma hraneasca.

When I Worked At A Dog Daycare (I'd Bring My Dog With Me) I Once Got Off From Work And Was So Hungry I Left Without Him. My Manager Sent Me This Picture About 10 Minutes Later Saying "You Forgot Something". His Expression Is Perfect

#2 Cand un client isi uita portofelul acasa..

Went To Wendy's And Realized I Forgot My Wallet At The Window. Rafael Here Paid Out Of His Own Pocket For Me And When I Thanked Him He Said "Good Samaritans Still Exist"

#3 Am uitat să ii spunem pisicii noastre că vom avea un copil

We Forgot To Tell Our Cat That We Had A Baby

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#4 Doar astfel imi pot convinge cainele sa alerge

I Was Running Late For Work And Couldn't Find Her Leash, This Is How I Walked My Dog This Morning

#5 Purtati-va natural, nimeni nu v-a observa că ați uitat cornul

Just Act Natural, No One Will Notice You Forgot Your Horn

#6 Un băiat  a băut atât de mult în timpul carnavalului brazilian si a uitat de prietena lui ce era pe umerii sai

A Lad That Drunk So Much During The Brazilian Carnival That He Forgot His Girlfriend Was On His Shoulders

#7 Amicul meu a uitat spray-ul impotriva tantarilor acasa

My Buddy Forgot Bug Spray Last Night